There are several ways to lay out a little garden; the best way is to get a gardener.”
— Karl Capek

Gung hoe gardens

Inc., is a licensed landscape contractor. This allows us to take your project from conceptual design to implementation. As a design-build company, we manage the entire process for you and work with a highly skilled group of craftsmen,artists, fabricators, and specialized tradesmen, thus ensuring that the design vision matches the final construction. Add to that, extensive horticultural knowledge and a passion for plants, we are able to create sustainable, stunning landscapes that enhance quality of life. Based in Los Angeles, we have installed exceptional, water wise gardens throughout Southern California Pasadena, La Canada, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, and the greater Los Angeles area.



A well designed landscape is a collaborative endeavor that begins with you, the homeowner. My goal is to create a garden that reflects your personality and meets your needs for outdoor living. Designs are always conceptualized with sustainable practices in mind such as utilizing local materials, installing drip irrigation systems and LED lighting, and of course, selecting appropriate plant material for Southern California’s Mediterranean climate.

The “genius loci” philosophy of the arts and crafts movement has been highly influential in my approach to landscape design.Gustav Stickley said, “Let garden and house float together in one harmonious whole.” There are a several ways my designs reflect this “spirit of place.” For example, Southern California has a of a diverse range of architectural styles: craftsman,bungalow, Mediterranean, Mission and Spanish revival,and of course, mid-century modern homes.In turn, garden elements such as pergolas, fencing, gates,benches, etc., should reflect the vernacular style of the home.Ultimately, the site itself will dictate the direction the design takes. Natural features, such as mountains, canyon views, nearby streams, rocky outcrops, stands of mature trees or sweeps of chaparral or coastal sage - all of these features are incorporated and frame the design. The landscape architect and designer Russell Page (1906-1985) perhaps said what genius loci means best:

“I spend my life connecting people to gardens, gardens to houses, and gardens and houses to their surrounding landscape.”


What can Gung Hoe gardens provide you, the customer and your terrain?

Have a project that is large or small? Complicated or simple? Residential or commercial? None of these categories are an issue for us! Gung Hoe Gardens can handle any and all of these situations with over 15 years of experience. With three generations of marrow deep family experience in horticulture and landscaping, Katharine Pinney and her Gung Hoe Gardens are the experts you can trust to come out and evaluate your needs. You will come to love us for our great service and end results. Please call or submit a request below to get your professional consultation now.

In addition to holding a C27 license, GHGG, Inc. also has the following certifications: WBE, SLB, LBE, SBE-Proprietary, SBE-City of Los Angeles, EBE, and VSBE-Harbor.