They do have specific seasonal pruning and feeding needs. 

Gung Hoe Garden Girls offers maintenance to our clients on an as needed basis.  

In general, with the gardens that I design, there are two major cleanups: the fall and then again in spring after the rains have pushed robust new growth and plants need a bit of tidying up.

South Pasadena Beautiful Foundation - Golden Arrow Award

Mediterranean and California native plants do not need much in the way of fertilization, but we use only organic fertilizers when we do. Organic fertilizers work slowly and over time improve soil texture and its ability to hold onto water - a plus in our climate.

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Specialized Maintenance

Have a backyard orchard? We offer fruit tree pruning in house (up to 15’). Pruning may be done in summer and winter, best to do some each season to have healthy, productive trees.

Roses often suffer from incorrect pruning and training. We are accomplished rose pruners and can have your rose garden thriving in no time!


Integrated Pest Management

Unlike the photo at right, we believe in using integrated pest management strategies to prevent garden pests. Monitoring, prevention and environmentally sound control practices are cornerstones of IPM. Chemical control is used only as a last resort.