Site Preparation: Demolition, grading and soil prep. The foundation of a good job.

Irrigation: Only extremely water efficient systems utilizing drip irrigation and/or MP Rotator® sprinklers will be installed.

Hardscaping: We pride ourselves on our stone and woodworking skills;  patios, pergolas, decks, fences, arbors, raised beds, outdoor kitchens, paving, as well as water and fire features.

Plants: Selected from a network of growers specializing in California native and appropriate water-wise plants for our Mediterranean climate.

However, I also have access to exotic and less water-wise plants if desired.

Lighting: Energy efficient LED lights for evening ambiance and garden nightlife.

Décor: We are networked with local artists who create beautiful custom murals, sculptures, railings, gates, mosaics and more.  For example, some specialize in glass and metal.  We enjoy making every garden as unique as its owner.